What Not To Wear On Your First Date

What Not To Wear On Your First Date

There are no fashion police these days. People do tend to wear whatever they like: skinny jeans, flared jeans, long skirts, short skirts, plaid, and paisley. And what would be totally acceptable in one group, might not be in another. Recent Loveawake dating site study shows that 57% of women say it’s a deal-breaker if a man is dressed poorly on a first date, while the majority of men (68%) say the opposite. So bear that in mind as you look at this list. There may be some groups of people and certain first date circumstances, that these rules would not apply to. They are general in nature. Ultimately, it is up to you.

What Not To Wear On Your First Date
What Not To Wear On Your First Date


  • The Wife Beater. I’m not sure who came up with this term, but I’m guessing that it developed after watching several episodes of COPS on TV. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this fashion item, it is simply a white, tank type, undershirt. It is often worn by men stepping out of their trailer house doors, who are carrying either a beer, or a baseball bat, or both.
  • Sweats. If you’re going for a run on your first date, then you could get by with this. But that’s not usually the agenda for a ‘date’. Sweats portray an ‘I could care less’ attitude, fine for bumming around with your buddies but not when you’re trying to impress a lady.
  • Leather pants. If you’re riding a motorcycle, then leather pants may be excused. Otherwise, save them for later in the relationship, after she gets to know you better. Nosensescaringherawayrightoffthebat.
  • Pro Wrestling T-shirt. As much as you may love RAW and WWE, you may want to feel her out for her opinion, before you show-off your enthusiasm for this sporting venture. She may be a life long Hulk Hogan fan. But, if not, you may want to ease her into the idea.
  • Your wedding ring. If you are truly, no longer married, leave it at home. If you are still married, then do the gala favor, and leave the ring on, but don’t show up. A little heartbreak now, is better than a lot, later on.
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  • Fishnet stockings. Yeah, I know they’re cool, but not the first date, OK? You’re not even sure if you’re really going to like the guy or not. Why waste the fishnets on a maybe? If it works out, you’ll have other opportunities to show off your sense of high fashion.
  • Super short shorts. They’re cute and you’re cute in them, but save them for later. You want the guy to be looking into your beautiful eyes and listening to what you have to say, not distracted with the sights below your belt line. Besides, he may think you are simply advertising you’re trying to bait bigger fish while he’s still in the landing net.
  • Your Furs. They are gorgeous and expensive. Your date isn’t likely to take note of the gorgeous aspect, but he will probably note the expensive part. You may give the impression that dating you may be more than his wallet can handle.
  • Hot Mama T-shirt. Like the short shorts, your date may interpret your t-shirt display an advertisement being broadcast to the rest of the public. Of course, he may also see it as a message targeted directly towards him and expect you to fulfill what you’ve promoted on your personal billboard.
  • Wedding or engagement rings. There’s no sex discrimination in this area. If you are married or engaged, the only dates you should be going on are with your spouse or fiancé.


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