sara ali khan

Sara Ali Khan Biography, Movies, Weight Loss Journey, Family, Boyfriends

Sara Ali Khan Biography

Sara Ali Khan is a Bollywood actress and the daughter of famous Indian actor Saif Ali Khan. After graduating from Columbia University, Sara Ali Khan ventured into acting by performing the leading role in the 2018 films Kedarnath and Simba. Both movies became commercially successful and the former earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.

sara ali khan
sara ali khan

Born: 12 August 1995 (age 23) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Alma mater: Columbia University
Occupation: Actress
Years active: 2018–present
Father: Saif Ali Khan
Mother: Amrita Singh
Relatives: See Pataudi family

Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Journey

Saif Ali Khan daughter weight loss journey is inspiring. She is already a sensation on social media not just because of her incredible acting skills but the way she has emerged post her dramatic weight loss. Sara’s weight loss transformation is no less sensational. If you are curious to know how the budding star shed oodles of weight, read the story to know more.

Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Journey
Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Journey

Before Sara’s film career took off, we did not see her much in the public eyes because she was completing her studies abroad. It was there when her battle with weight gain got worse. Without shying away from her transformation, She told her changed avatar on Karan Johar’s chat show where she came along with her father Saif Ali Khan.

She once again gained a lot of applause on social media for openly speaking up about her battle of weight gain and suffering from PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disorder) which made it difficult to lose weight.
What is more inspiring is that she never let her weight troubles get through her and continued to work towards her dream of being a star. Sara’s dancing on old Bollywood songs and acting out scenes while she was staying in America were revealed on the show.

The real low point came when Sara’s own mother did not recognize her at the airport, which she revealed in an interview recently. She was so disheartened by this, she refused to talk to her mother on videocall till the time she lost that weight. She even completed her graduate early so that she had time to focus on her body.

Sara ali khan instagram
Sara ali khan instagram

For Sara, her ambition to act is what pushed her to change herself. She was 96 kilos when she realized that she had to lose weight. Motivated and inspired, Sara worked hard and lost all the extra weight a few months.

Not only does she look the same as her mother Amrita Singh, but she is also an inspiring figure for her. In many interviews, Sara told that her mother goes to for advice and in fact, she was the one who pushed her to lose weight if she wanted to pursue of being an actress.

Bollywood was always an inspiration for Sara. In an interview, the actress said that she never want to be 96 kilos overweight but did not want to have a size zero figure as well. Sara always wished to feel healthy and empowered, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Sara Ali khan Movies

  • Simmba 2018
  • Aaj Kal 2020
  • Kedarnath 2018

You can find here Sara Ali Khan Instagram Photos. She is much famous on Instagram and has 8.1m followers. She is fully active on Instagram and she looks hot and sexy on all social media profiles.

sara ali khan instagram
sara ali khan instagram

Alia Bhatt height in feet is 5.3 feet. Alia Bhatt height is 160 cm. If you will convert it into feet then you will get that her height is 5 feet 3 inches.

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