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Hazrat Ali (R.A) Biography, and Islamic quotes – The Lion Of Allah

Hazrat Ali (R.A) ibn Abi Talib the cousin and son-in-law of Hazrat Muhammad S.W.Athe last prophet of Islam was born on September 15, 601 AD inside Khana Kaaba Mecca. He has been ruling as the fourth caliph from 656 to 661 but is regarded as the rightful immediate successor to Muhammad as an Imam by Shia Muslims. Hazrat Ali R.A was born inside the sacred sanctuary of the Kaaba in Mecca, the holiest place in Islam. He was the first male who accepted Islam. The first Muslim Ali is important to both Shias and Sunnis, politically and spiritually.

Hazrat Ali
  • Born: September 15, 601 AD, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Died: January 29, 661 AD, Great Mosque of Kufa, Kufa, Iraq
  • Father: Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib
  • Burial: Imam Ali Mosque, Najaf, Iraq
  • Mother: Fatimah bint Asad
  • Spouse: Umamah bint Zainab (m. ?–661 AD)

Hazrat Ali (RA) belonged to the tribe Quraish and the family of Bani Hashim in Makah. He (RA) was born to Hazrat Abu Talib (RA) the uncle of Holy Prophet (SAW), who had nourished and brought up Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). His mother was also a noble lady belonging to the tribe of Bani Hashim whom the Prophet (SAW) respected as his own mother.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) was only 10 years old when Prophet Muhammad ( PBUM ) received the very first Revelation from the Allah Almighty Lord. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W started preaching of
Islam from His own family.

Hazrat Ali RA Risking his Life for the Holy Prophet (SAW)

When Holy Prophet (saw) began preaching Islam all people became in opposition to Him except some of the human beings in which Hazrat Ali (RA) included. Hazrat Ali (RA) by no means misplaced his courage in participating with his cousin and in admitting his love and loyalty in the direction of him. every time, he acted as a guard to the Prophet (noticed) against all odds. A crucial time came while enemies of Prophet (noticed) firmly determined to boycott him and the individuals of his household. The situation depressed so much that even their lives had been at extreme risk. He (RA) continually blanketed Prophet Muhammad (noticed) on the grounds that his youth. Our cherished Prophet (noticed) additionally loved him very tons. The night time when the Holy Prophet was migrating to Medina, his residence become surrounded via the bloodthirsty tribesmen, who had plotted to kill him. They have been ready to kill any character who came out of the house. In this kind of scenario, the Holy Prophet (noticed) asked Hazrat Ali (RA) to sleep on his bed. He observed the command gladly and without delay jumped on the mattress.

Hazrat Ali quotes

therefore, at night, the Apostle (noticed) requested Hazrat Ali (R.A) to hand over the entrusted possessions to their proprietors, as He (saw) had prepared to leave Makah at the side of Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) as directed through Allah SWT. Hazrat Ali (RA) risked his lifestyles just for the sake of the Almighty and His Messenger (noticed) as he knew that the disbelievers would possibly slay him while he was resting in the bed of Prophet (saw) that night. This suggests the splendid and unequalled fearlessness of Hazrat Ali (R.A) who changed into now not concerned approximately his very own lifestyles, rather devoted his life to serving the Holy Prophet (saw) as he efficiently lower back all trusts to those they belonged the very next day, and then migrated to Medina.

Hazrat Ali (RA) Marrying to Hazrat Fatima (RA)

inside the 2nd 12 months of migration to Medina, the Holy Prophet (noticed) were given many marital proposals for Hazrat Fatima (RA) who was the maximum cherished daughter of Prophet Muhammad (noticed). however He (noticed) rejected they all and eventually decided to marry her to Hazrat Ali (RA) with mutual approval.

He (RA) were given the honor of turning into the Son in regulation of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and transforming their ever nearer courting with a own family bond. both Hazrat Ali (RA) and Hazrat Fatima (RA) lived a well-happy life and had 5 children, namely: Hassan (RA), Hussain (RA), Zainab (RA), Umm Kalthum (RA), and Mohsin (RA), who died in his early formative years. His son, Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) had the credit of having the finest provider to the religion of Islam through status firm against the unjust ruler, Yazid and sacrificing his life in this motive.

Title of “Asadullah”- The Lion of Allah

Hazrat Ali (RA) turned into the brave guy due to his bravery he turned into popularly referred to as “Asadullah” (The Lion of Allah). at some point of the battle of Khaibar towards Jews Muslims attempted to capture the robust Jewish castle at Khaibar. The Messenger (noticed) introduced that He would deliver the price to that individual who loves Allah and His Prophet (noticed) and in addition they love him. tomorrow, the authority became offered to Hazrat Ali (RA) upon which every body become surprised as he seemed pale and unwell. but Hazrat Muhammad (saw) believed in his unequalled fighting potential and gave him the Muslim command. Jews not simplest rejected his invitation to Islam however also despatched their widely recognized and bravest combatant, Mahrab in front, who challenged Hazrat Ali (RA) to combat him. The Arabs witnessed the improbable force and energy of Hazrat Ali (RA), who killed Mahrab thru the full of life blow of his sword. Then, the Holy Prophet (noticed) gave him the title of “Asadullah”, this means that “Lion of Allah”.

Being Fourth Caliph in Islamic history

After the martyrdom of 3rd caliph Hazrat Usman (RA) inside the 12 months, 35 A.H Hazrat Ali took the charge and have become the fourth caliph of Muslims. This turned into a fantastic trying out time for Hazrat Ali (RA) as he needed to paintings not most effective against the rebellions however also had to maintain peace within the territory. He (RA) additionally needed to exchange the Muslim capital to Kufa, in Iraq, due to wonderful support he has over there. He (RA) faced many problems throughout his caliphate. in the course of this short span, he restored afresh the imprints of the easy Islamic mode of existence, of equality and of sincere earning through difficult labor. notwithstanding being the best authority of Islam, he did now not thoughts sitting at stores and promoting dates. He wore patched clothes, sat in the agency of negative people on the ground and took part of consuming food with them. He always endeavored to make certain that the earnings of Baitul Mal reached the rightful persons as quick as viable. He was no longer in desire of growth of government revenue in the treasury. the overall reign of Hazrat Ali (RA) lasts for almost five years.

Hazrat Ali being a remarkable student of Islam

Hazrat Ali (RA) become not best a super warrior but a tremendous scholar as well. The Holy Prophet (noticed) said approximately him, “i’m the city of understanding and Ali is its gate.” He (RA) had an extraordinary amount of command over the lessons of Islam, in particular inside the Holy Quran. He (RA) also had terrific abilties in public speech and sermons, writing letters, and recording his sayings that are properly preserved and observed by means of the Muslim world till date. Hazrat Ali (RA) turned into a grasp of Arabic and his writings had been as effective as his speech.

Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA)

one of the rebels, known as Ibn-e-Muljim, martyr Hazrat Ali (R.A) using a poisoned sword at the same time as He (RA) became appearing Salah inside the mosque on nineteenth of Ramadan, in 40 A.H. Hazrat Ali (RA)spent two restless days on his sick mattress in extreme pain and distress. sooner or later, the poison unfold everywhere in the frame and he died on twenty first of Ramadan at the time of Morning Prayer. Hazrat Ali turned into buried at Najaf.

Hazrat Ali (RA) become well known for his bravery throughout battles against the non-believers. He also possessed the important persona trends of the company belief in Allah and His Messenger (noticed), humbleness, gratefulness, and actual perception of the Quranic instructions. He (RA) spent his entire existence in the offerings of Islam.

Hazrat Ali Quotes

“Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.” 
― Ali Ibn Abi Talib AS

“Nothing hurts a good soul and a kind heart more than to live amongst people who cannot understand it.” 

“Life consists of two days, one for you one against you. So when it’s for you don’t be proud or reckless, and when it’s against you be patient, for both days are test for you.” 

“Woman is a delicate creature with strong emotions who has been created by the Almighty God to shoulder responsibility for educating society and moving toward perfection. God created woman as symbol of His own beauty and to give solace to her partner and her family.” 

“A wise man always has something to say, whereas a fool always needs to say something.” 

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