Crowdfunded Campaign for the Responder Smartphone Bracelet

Crowdfunded Campaign for the Responder Smartphone Bracelet

Crowdfunded Campaign for the Responder Smartphone Bracelet
Crowdfunded Campaign for the Responder Smartphone Bracelet

Crowdfunded Campaign for the Responder Smartphone Bracelet

Nowadays, the medical field is facing a lot of challenges regarding the Research & Development involved in the innovation of new medical equipment’s. In recent days, allocation of funds for the innovating of any medical equipment is not an easy task as it seems to be. There is a lot of investment involved in the Research & Development of these types of products. Other than the money, the other factors also chiefly contribute in the innovation of medical equipment as the duration of the process, equipment involved in the manufacturing of the product and acquiring of complex technology involved in the innovation of such medical equipment. On top of all that, there no 100% guarantee that after the innovating of a particular medical product, the product will give 100% desired results or it will be well-adopted and recommended by medical professionals after it’s launched. That is where the worth of crowdfunding comes in.

Crowdfunding helps to allocate the required resources and funds needed in the manufacturing of the product. Because, there is a lot of resources and money required for the development of the product and medicinal companies cannot generate that whopping amount on their own. For this purpose, the medicinal companies seek the help of other people to allocate such resources in short span of time.

Our worthy medical company has introduced the World’s first Res-ponder Smartphone device. This smartphone res-ponder can be worn as the bracelet and it is the very first kind of smartphone res-ponder that can help to send medical information faster to the rescuing staff  or emergency medical service provider at  the scene of the an emergency situation.

Initially, the medical res-ponder does not require you to download an app to transfer medical information to the EMS Service Provider. The Res ponder Smartphone bracelet additionally features plug and play compatibility and currently supports all the devices with Android OS as Samsung, LG, Kindle, Motorola, Huawei, HTC and other micro USB devices. Currently the device only supports the Android platform and the device for iOS platform is also being launched.

What We Really Need?

In order to manufacture the devices of commercial bases, we need only to sell 350 Res-ponder Smartphone Bracelet. And for this purpose, we are offering the bracelet’s at half of its quoted price as:

  • Without Data Loading Service $45.99
  • With Data Loading Service: $55.99

Right at this point we don’t have any sufficient resources to start the manufacturing of the product on a commercial basis. You just have to contribute by purchasing at least one res-ponder Smartphone Bracelet from our outlet. Your help in this regard would be highly appreciated. Just keep one thing in mind, your one contribution can save the lives of a number of individuals.

Our Limitations:

The shipment of the product might be delayed from the mentioned time frame. This is because of one reason. Although, the product will be assembled in the United Sates, but the parts will come from abroad. And because of this reason, chances are there that the shipment of the product might get late from its mentioned time period.

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